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Orphan Number: 2264
Orphan: William GURNIN
Mother:DWYER, Margaret
Father:GURNIN/ENNIS, Daniel
Mother's ship:Lord Auckland
Father's ship:London
Age when admitted:6yrs
Date admitted:6 Feb 1871
Date discharged:12 Jun 1878
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: John Hall, New Town
Remarks: absconded Queens Orphan School 6 Feb 1878 - won reading & monitor's prize 1873 & religious prize 1875 - father prisoner
References: SWD26/12, 27, 32/1, 55/45, Mercury 9 Jan 1874 & 29 Dec 1875

This orphan has been claimed by: Robert Bellenger

William was a brother of my great grandmother Alice Gurnin, also an orphan(2260). He was born William Girvin to Thomas Girvin of Pontville. He changed his name to William Gurnin Gilbert and lived at Glen Fern, New Norfolk. He made up parents names to go on his marriage certificate. 'White' family folklore recalls he came to visit Alice in Campbell Town claiming he was her half brother. Whether the story has been changed over the years who knows but in fact he was her brother. He married Sophia Turtle Lewis and they had 6 children. Frank, Flora, Mabel, Ellen, Maurice and Leslie.

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