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Orphan Number: 2322
Orphan: Elijah HAMMOND
Mother:ANDREWS, Elizabeth
Father:HAMMOND, Richard
Mother's ship:
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:7yrs
Date admitted:21 Jan 1859
Date discharged:23 Jun 1865
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: George Rudd, Spring Bay
Remarks: mother destitute - father in Victoria - absconded twice from George Rudd,
References: SWD28, 32/1, CSO24/259/10752, POL709

This orphan has been claimed by: Ivan Hammond

Hallo, my Wife and I stumbled on your web-site by chance this evening.     We did not know that the 0rphan School records were on line and it now means we have been able to have confirmed that my Great-grandfather   - Elijah Hammond - was there and it appears 3 of his siblings, sadly.   We only knew he possibly had a brother, Edward, which we now know is true.      The other two siblings may have died at an early age - we have to find out.

We can tell you that Elijah at some stage left Southern Tasmania and made his way  North to the Devonport area.     He married twice and his first wife was my Great-grandmother - Ellen 0rd.   They had 2 sons and one was my Grandfather - James Henry Hammond. 

Elijah and Ellen are laid to rest in the Don cemetery, nr. Devonport and there is an obituary  for him in a book called -  The Cycle of Time:  an enduring epitaph of the 0ld Don Congregational Cemetery, compiled by Barbara Pendrey (nee Jefffrey).

Also a mention for Ellen too.

Despite the toughness of his earlier years, Elijah lived until he was 80.     And we believe Edward lived to a good age too.

We have established  Elijah and Ellen  married  at All Saints Church, East  Forth, near Devonport  and we did visit this lovely old Church some years ago.

His marriage certificate says the Wedding was witnessed by a Reuben John Hammond and his wife - Catherine 0'Halloran - who had married 6 weeks earlier and Elijah was one of the witnesses for that wedding.  We assumed Reuben was a  younger brother, but it appears not??

Both men used a X on the certificate(s) - meaning we assume they could not write??

This is my story so far!  There are lots of gaps to be filled in.  However, it is wonderful to know  that your school and church still exist.  The pictures look wonderful, so we assume a lot has gone into the orphan's preservation??

I now live in Warragul, Victoria.    I wish you all best wishes.     Ivan (Hammond)

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This orphan has been claimed by: Julie Sullivan

Elijah Hammond is my Great Grandfather and his wife Ellen Ord my Great Grandmother. It is wonderful to see these children being recognised and effort made to preserve their history. Thanks so much for this website and the opportunity to find long lost relatives, Julie Sullivan

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