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Orphan Number: 3985
Orphan: Phoebe MOWLES
Mother:FERGUSON, Elizabeth
Father:MOLES, Isaac
Mother's ship:Arab
Father's ship:Hibernia
Age when admitted:6yrs
Date admitted:15 May 1854
Date discharged:7 Dec 1855
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: mother
Remarks: father dying, mother crippled and imbecile
References: SWD28, CSO24/248/9976

This orphan has been claimed by: Anne White

Phoebe (Eupehmia) Mowles/Mole/Moles (spelling of surname changed over the years) along with her sister, Hannah and brother, Isaac were placed in the Queen's Orphanage after the death of their father Isaac.  The youngest child, an infant, Martha stayed in her mother's care.

The remarks are not correct as Phoebe's father, Isaac had died on 8th May 1854 at New Norfolk, buried 12th May 1854 at St. Stephen's Church Cemetery, New Norfolk.

On 15th August 1855 Phoebe's mother, Elizabeth remarried to William Donelly.  Phoebe was released back into the care of her mother on 7th December 1855.

Elizabeth was not an imbecile, but a survivor of her times.  A strong woman who went on to raise her young family. The reference "mother crippled" refers to Elizabeth having a paralysed left arm.

Phoebe married Richard Rowley at Oatlands on 20th June 1865.  No children are registered for Phoebe and Richard. It appears that Phoebe and Richard seperated at some time.  No divorce is registered nor a death for Richard Rowley.

On the 18th June 1875 at Green Ponds (now known as Kempton) Phoebe gave birth to a son, Isaac Andrew Clark (christian and middle names are the same as Phoebe's brother, Isaac) father registered as Edward William Clark. No marriage certificate is registered for Phoebe and Edward Clark.  Phoebe's name is registered as Phoebe Moles at the time of her son's birth.

Phoebe died of Apoplexy (Stroke) at the Female House  Of Correction, Hobart on 25th February 1877.  Her crime is not known nor is her place of burial.  No trace, as yet, can be found of Phoebe's son.

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