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Orphan Number: 2110
Orphan: Ellen GOODSON
Mother:GOODSON/McCARNEY, Elizabeth
Father:GOODSON, Charles
Mother's ship:Mexborough
Father's ship:William Metcalfe
Age when admitted:6yrs
Date admitted:15 Jan 1858
Date discharged:20 Jan 1865, 21 Mar 1865, 1 Jan 1867
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: Rev F W Quilter, New Town Parsonage, John Harris Roberts, Avoca, Balthaser Hartel
Remarks: won needlework prize Jan 1863 - mother a widow
References: SWD26/2, 28, 32/1, CSD1/123/4492

This orphan has been claimed by: anna weatherly

Ellen Goodson is my great grandmother. She and her sister Phoebe Goodson were both admitted to the Orphanage separately, in 1858, the year following the death of their father, Charles Goodson in 1857. Both parents were convicts. I cannot find what happened to their mother,  Elizabeth Macartney (married name Goodson).  Two newspaper reports (1858 and1859) refer to a woman named Elizabeth Goodson being arrested for stealing and then vagrancy.

Ellen Goodson was born in 1852 and entered the orphanage at six years old. There are some records of her winning prizes for needlework and for her schoolwork. She was apprenticed to three different employers, the first being for a brief period with one of the ministers associated with the orphanage. Her final apprenticeship was with a family of storekeepers in Perth, Tasmania. She subsequently met and married Edward Sherwood, who was a Perth resident. As far as I know, they lived the rest of their lives in Perth.  They had four children together, including my maternal grandmother, Blanche Sherwood. Ellen Goodson died in 1916. 


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