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Sources and Additional Information

The information in this register was generously made available by our life member Joyce Purtscher who painstakingly transcribed it from a range of sources; much of it from original records in the Tasmanian Heritage and Archives Office (TAHO).


This includes three original admission registers.  Information has been added from other sources because they are incomplete.   The three registers contain more information than is included in our records.  Additional columns in the original register include:

Once you have found the resident of interest we recommend referring to the source documents because the additional information it is potentially very valuable for research.

HSD274/1/1.  This alphabetical admission register covers the period 01 Jan 1914 to 31 Dec 1929 but also includes some residents who were admitted prior to 1914.  It has been digitally imaged and made available online.

HSD274/1/2.  This alphabetical admission register covers the period 1 Jan 1929 to 31 Dec 1940.

HSD274/1/13.  This alphabetical admission register covers the period 1 Jan 1941 to 3 Ju 1952.

The second two registers are not yet available online but are available from on microfilm from TAHO.   

POL 709 /1 Tasmanian Police Gazettes

These Gazettes were published as Reports of Crime from 1861 to 1883 and thereafter became known as the Tasmanian Police Gazette. They were published weekly. Information contained includes: reports of crimes and offences, arrests, notices about absconders, missing persons, deserters, discharge of prisoners, inquest findings, stolen property, general police notices and notification of the issue of some licenses e.g. to hawkers, tanners and carriers.

Copies of these gazettes are available from various sources including online at TAHO.


The records of the Southern Regional Cemetery Trust include the burial records at Cornelian Bay Cemetery and are available here to search online.


The births deaths and marriage records of the Register Generals Department have also been used.  These are available in various digital and online formats including the TAHO Tasmanian Names Register.

Additional Sources

While not referenced in the transcription of these records the register of Deaths and Burials in the Parish of St John's New Town may also provide information.  It is available to search on our web site.

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