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Burial ID 2091
Reference: B1311
Family Name: WHITE
Other Names: Sarah
Also known as:
Abode: New Town
Burial Date: 02 Aug 1884
Age: 76/77
CT: C6
Cemetery: CBC StJ
Remarks wife of builder - Thomas White builder
Index Death Date: 30/31 Jul 1884
Death Notice: 01 Aug 1884
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This addtional information has been provided by: Malcolm Ward

Sarah White was baptised Sarah Coaton on 17 January 1808 at St Leonard's Shoreditch, London and was born 15 November 1807. She married builder Thomas White on 15 July 1827 at St Mary Abchurch, London.

She had 14 children, three before she and Thomas emigrated in 1832.

Sarah died 31 July 1884 and is buried at St John's, New Town.

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