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Burial ID 2093
Reference: B1328
Family Name: WHITE
Other Names: Thomas
Also known as:
Abode: New Town
Burial Date: 25 Sep 1885
Age: 78/79
CT: C6
Cemetery: CBC StJ
Remarks builder
Index Death Date: 22 Sep 1885
Death Notice: 23 Sep 1885
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This addtional information has been provided by: Malcolm Ward

Source: Built by Seabrook, Hobart buildings constructed by the Seabrook family from the 1830s, by Malcolm Ward (2006).

Thomas White was born about 1804 in Norfolk. In the 1820s he was apprenticed to prominent builder William Cubitt in London, together with Henry William Seabrook. Thomas' sister Sarah married Seabrok in 1828 in London.  Thomas married Sarah Coaton in 1827 iat St Mary Abchurch, London.

The White and Seabrook families emigrated to Van Diemen's Land on board the Thomas Laurie, which arrived in Hobart Town in November 1832. Seabrook and White formed a building partnership and built or were one of the contractors for some prominent New Town houses, such as Bishop Nixon’s, now known as Runnymede and Charles Swanston’s New Town Park.  

The White and Seabrook parnership ended in the 1840s and no more is known about White, except that he owned land with Seabrook in New Town and he did not have to sell off his land there in the recession, as Seabrook did.

Thomas White died 22 Sept 1885 and his obituary was in the Tasmanian Mail 26 September 1885.

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