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Orphan Number: 1474
Orphan: William DICKENSON
Mother:DICKENSON, Sarah
Mother's ship:
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:11yrs
Date admitted:23 Feb 1837
Date discharged:27 Jul 1837
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: mother
Remarks: mother free
References: SWD28, CSO5/93/2074

This orphan has been claimed by: Jodie Morris Smith

Mother Sarah Donaldson 1803 - 1843
Father John Dickenson  1797 - 1836

Louisa  1824 -1904
William  1826 - 1914
Mona  1827 - 1854
Prudence  1830 - 1881
Jane  1832 - 1892
Robert  1834 -

John Dickenson applied for a grant for land 10th Dec 1827,  stating that he had arrived in V.D.L in 1823 and had been born in Nottinghamshire in 1797.  He received a grant for 350 acres which he located on the Macquarie River near Ross.

Writing from Ross Bridge 8th March 1828 he asked for an addition to his grant as he had another 100 pounds capital and a large family but this application was refused. (CSO 1/238/5769)

He then applied to rent 500 acres of land adjoining his grant on 18th May 1828 (LSD 1/3/39)

On 6th July 1831 he attended the land board and asked for an additional grant, stating that he resided on his original grant where he built a weather board house of 5 bedrooms, a barn and a men's hut  he owned 700 sheep cattle and a horse.
John had a wife and 5 young children he was granted 320 acres. (LSD 265/2)

In July 1834 the police Magistrate of Oatlands recommended the John Dickenson be not allowed to have more convict servants as his discipline was too lax. John was also fined 10 pounds.  (CSO 1//15952)

Sarah Dickenson of Ross, widow, made an affidavit to marry Robert Walker also of Ross on 24th April 1837, they were married  St Johns Church of England, Launceston 27th April 1837, when the bride signed her mark.

A caveat board report on 1 acre of land in Church Street Ross stated that John and Sarah had mortgaged it in November 1834. (SC 285/31. file 349)

John Dickenson held the license of the SHERWOOD CASTLE INN at Ross in December 1833 and of the ROBIN HOOD INN at Ross in October 1835 and 1836. There is no record of the ANGEL INN at Ross in the publicans licenses published 24 September 1831 in the Independent.

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