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Orphan Number: 1565
Orphan: Francis Joseph DOWDELL
Father:DOWDELL, William
Mother's ship:Sir Robert Seppings
Father's ship:London
Age when admitted:10yrs
Date admitted:16 Nov 1864,
Date discharged:30 Apr 1869
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: John Reed, Launceston
Remarks: father listed as Dowdall on convict record - parents dead
References: SWD26/7, 27, 32/1, HAP1871/63,

This orphan has been claimed by: Mathew Dowdell McPherson

Francis Joseph Dowdall was born 6 December 1854 in Risdon Vale Richmond Tasmania to William Dowdall (Convict - London) and Mary Petty. William Dowdall was a Constable at this time. Francis had three sisters, Elizabeth, Catherine and Ann. He was orphaned upon the death of his mother in 1866 and admitted thereafter to the Queen's Orphanage. He married Harriett Caroline Knox at Kent Town South Australia on 17 November 1884. They had 13 children; viz George Alfred, Anna Neil, Mary Anne (Polly), Francis William, Andrew Edward (died in infancy), Henry Joseph, Andrew Edward, Isabella, Charles Robert, Kathleen Veronica, Elizabeth Pearl, Harriett Mary and Margaret Josephine. Francis was a carter, gardener, labourer, coach driver. Harriett was a nurse, midwife and mother. They lived at various locations in Richmond, Victoria and Auburn Victoria until his death on 25 December 1908. He is buried at Melbourne General Cemetery.

The following received prizes for good conduct :-J. Smith and G. Kelly (members of the band) ; Richard Povoy (bakehouse) ; John Warroner (dormitory) ; F. Dowdell (dining hall) ; P. Murray (wood cutting) ; James Fakos (farm).
The Mercury
Saturday 23 January 1869

CLEARED OUT.- December 21.
Mary Blair, barque, 328 tons, H. Boon, for Adelaide. Passenger: Mr. Frank Dowdell.
The Mercury
Wednesday 22 December 1880

MARY BLAIR, barque, 338 tons, Henry Boon, from Hobart Town, December 23. H. Muecke and Co. Agents. Passenger Mr. Frank Dowdell, in the cabin.
The South Australian Advertiser
Tuesday 4 January 1881

EXPORTS - March 15.
Southern Cross, S.F., for Melbourne-2 css apples, Mrs. Luckmann, 1 pkg brasswork, P. Gillie; 5 css   castor oil, T.S N. Co.; 50 css jam, Johnson Bros and   Co.; 1 css bottling wire, 3 css filberts, Weaver and Co.; 11 css preserved fruit, Hawkins and Co.; 1 pine log, Frank Dowdell ; 75 css fruit, W. Ikin ; 1 pkg gas bags, C. Abbott ; 50 css jam, Geo. Peacock ; 18 bis hops, I. Wright; 118 css hops, F. H. Wise; 2 csks fruit, J. Turner. _
The Mercury
Wednesday 16 March 1881


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