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Orphan Number: 1936
Orphan: Louisa FRAZER
Mother:BRYANT, Bridget
Father:FRASER, William Alexander
Mother's ship:
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:7yrs
Date admitted:30 Aug 1870
Date discharged:30 May 1877, 20 Nov 1878
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: Edward Cope, W T Cramp
Remarks: crippled hip - won Church of England prize 1875
References: SWD27, 32/1, 52/2, HAP1871/63

This orphan has been claimed by: faye Cousens

Louisa May was born in Hobart in 1862.  She married William Hinchmore in Barrington in 1882 and she died in Richmond Victoria. Louisa and William had ten children all born in Tasmania.

Louisa'a mother remarried Mr Edward Cope in Barrington after William died.

I also have a copy of applications for children to enter Queens Orphanage 1858-1878 where Louisa brothers John, William Alexander and sister Bridget are listed under the name Fraser.

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This orphan has been claimed by: Lee Chambers

Louisa May Fraser was born was in Hobart, on 13th Dec 1862. (1)
Her parents were William Alexander Fraser (per Equestrian 3) and Bridget Moore (per Earl Grey 3). Birth certificate lists mother’s maiden name as Bryant. Most of the children have Bridget Bryan listed as mother’s maiden name. Marriage certificate states same. Bridget’s mother’s maiden name was Bryan. She appears to have adopted this name Bryan, before her  marriage to William. (2)
Louisa’s father drowned in 1868 in the Derwent river. (3) Two years later in 1870, Louisa was placed in the Queen’s Orphanage, where she is recorded to have a crippled hip. (4)

About 1877 or 1878,  Louisa went to live with her mother Bridget and her new husband Edward Cope.  Louisa married William Hinchmore and went on to have 9 children. She died 11th July 1935 in the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria


1: Louisa: TAHO 1862 NAME_INDEXES:967256 Resource RGD/1/8/ no 5737

2: Marriage TAHO 1855 NAME_INDEXES:851555 Resource RGD37/1/14 no 530

3: "THE MERCURY." The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954) 24 February 1868:


Louisa May Fraser

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