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Orphan Number: 2111
Orphan: Phoebe GOODSON
Mother:GOODSON/McCARNEY, Elizabeth
Father:GOODSON, Charles
Mother's ship:Mexborough
Father's ship:William Metcalfe
Age when admitted:9yrs
Date admitted:15 Nov 1858
Date discharged:2 Mar 1864
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: George Robotham Winburn, Lymington
Remarks: mother a widow
References: SWD26/2, 28, 32/1, CSD25/19/1672

This orphan has been claimed by: Anna Weatherly

Phoebe Goodson was the sister of my great grandmother, Ellen Goodson. She was admitted to the Queen's Orphanage in November 1858, aged 9. Her younger sister, Ellen, was admitted in January 1858, aged 6. Their parents were Charles Goodson and Elizabeth Macartney, both convicts. Charles Goodson died November 1857. I don't know what happened to Phoebe in the year following her father' death. When admitted to the orphanage Phoebe was reported to be in the charge of police.

Phoebe was apprenticed in 1864 to George Robotham, Winburn, Lymington.

I'm not sure if it's the same peron, but Phoebe Goodson had a baby boy in 10/9/1874 - the informant of the birth was the Superintendent Cascade. A baby, John Goodson, 9 months old, died in the Cascade, House of Correction on 10/5/1875, of measles, so this may well be her child.

Another baby, named Ellen Goodson, died in the Cascade House of Correction at 6 months old on 2/3/1864. The mother is not recorded, but I wonder if she was Phoebe Goodson, who named her baby after her sister.

A woman named Phoebe Goodson died in 1880, reported age, 28. She was recorded as dying of "senilis" in one record, and "consumption" in another. she'd been a resident of the New Town Invalid Departent.

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