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Orphan Number: 2265
Orphan: Catherine GUY
Mother:GUY, Sarah
Mother's ship:Angelina
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:10yrs
Date admitted:31 Aug 1844
Date discharged:4 Mar 1847
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: Richard Brown, Hobart
References: SWD7, 28

This orphan has been claimed by: Anthony Hirst Waddingham

Catherine Theresa GALLAGHER (aka Catherine GUY) is my paternal Great Great Aunt.

Born : 1832 or 1834, conflicting ages and BDM details unverified. Possibly born Liverpool ,but it is not known when her parents came to Lancashire.

Father : Michael Gallagher, my 3rd Great Grandfather. BDM details unknown, but apparently died Liverpool circa 1839.

Mother : Sarah Gallagher (nee CROSBIE), my 3rd Great Grandmother. BDM details unverified and recorded ages conflict,but it is believed that Sarah was born between 1804 - 1812 at Castlebar,County Mayo,Ireland.Sarah's second marriage was to Henry GUY of Liverpool, BDM details unknown.

Further GALLAGHER / GUY family history is held on the MARY ANN GUY : Orphan Number 2266 file and CONVICT RECORDS : Sarah GUY and Henry GUY respectively.

Catherine (10 yrs) accompanied her mother Sarah and sister Mary Ann (6 yrs) to VDL on the convict ship 'ANGELINA' as an unconvicted dependant. They sailed from Woolwich,London on 25 Apr 1844 and arrived Hobart on 24 Aug 1844. A third sibling, Bridget Gallagher, was left behind at Liverpool and her age and fate is unknown.

Catherine GUY (Orphan Number : 2265) was admitted to Queens Orphan School,Hobart on 31 Aug 1844 and discharged (apprenticed) to Richard Brown,Hobart on 04 Mar 1847.

Further research is required to confirm whether or not this was the same Richard Brown who operated a cooperage factory and store in a stone warehouse at the Old Wharf, making barrels for local trade and shipping.

It is not known how long Catherine was apprenticed to Mr Brown,or how she was employed,or where she was accommodated. At around 13 yrs of age upon release from Queens, it would be reasonable to assume that she was living firstly with her employers family under her terms of discharge, then later under the guardianship of her mother Sarah (on convicts Ticket of Leave from 28 Aug 1849. NB., Her younger sister Mary Ann was "Discharged to mother, Ticket of Leave" on 10 Sep 1849.

The next recorded date for Catherine was 24 Oct 1853 when she witnessed Mary Ann's marriage to James Edward POULTON at St Johns United Church, New Town (REF : RGD 37 / 1 / 12  No. 611 / 385). James was a carpenter & joiner employed on the construction of new docks at Hobart.

Assuming that Catherine's employer was Richard Brown the cooper, her apprenticeship to him may explain how her mother Sarah Guy came to be living in a house (with a cellar) at the Old Wharf when she was charged with receiving a barrel of pork (200 lbs) stolen on 10 Mar 1854 by Elizabeth Williams. This was a part of the cargo unloaded from 'Pride of the Sea' (Hobarton Guardian 05 Apr 1854).

It is not known who owned the house that Sarah occupied, or whether it was a tenement house in the vicinity of the cooperage, or if daughter Catherine was living with Sarah at the time of her mother's arrest in March 1854.

When Sarah GUY was released from her 24 Apr 1854 sentence for receiving the stolen pork, she was placed with Mrs Watson, Collins Street (08 Oct 1855) ,  then Mrs Banyard (05 Jan 1856), before being "Discharged to her daughter Catherine GUY  No. 11 ---- ?  Place",  before  " 08 Apr 1856 transfered for service Mrs  (daughter Mary Ann)  POULTON  42 Patrick St "  (REF : CON 42-1-1  Image 72). Catherine's No. 11 address appeared to be Margaret ? Place.

Catherine (26 yrs) reverted to her GALLAGHER surname when she married Thomas THOMPSON (40 yrs, Widower, Yeoman / Farmer) on 09 Nov  1858 at the Brisbane Street Independent Chapel, Hobart Town (REF : RGD 37 / 1 / 17  No. 430 / 387).

They had a daughter, Mary Theresa Sarah THOMPSON, born 11 Sep 1859 at Hobart (REF : RGD 33 / 1 / 7  No. 2811). Catherine's address was given as Davey Street.

Catherine and Thomas's infant daughter died aged 4 months on 21 Dec 1859 at Spring Bay, cause of death - "Inflamation of Lungs"  (Spring Bay District Register Entry 15 / 767  22 Dec 1859).

The circumstances of Catherine Theresa THOMPSON  (nee GALLAGHER  aka GUY)  after the death of her daughter are unknown. The Thompson's may have left Tasmania.

Coincidentally, on 12 Oct 1859 Sarah GUY personally registered the birth of her third Grandchild Edward Dauncey POULTON , born 05 Sep 1859 at Hobart Town just 6 days before the birth of Catherine's daughter. Sarah's signature and Bathurst Street address are inscribed in the Informant column (REF : RGD 33 / 1 / 7  No. 2827) and this is the last information my family have of our Matriarch. Sarah's later circumstances and Death / Burial details are unknown to us.

The Poulton family with their 3 young children migrated to Dunedin,NZ  arriving at Port Chalmers 15 Dec 1859 on the 'Cosmopolite". A rapidly expanding Dunedin township offered employment opportunities for James and with the onset of the Otago gold rush in 1861, Dunedin became New Zealands first city based on population numbers. This family moved to Fiji in April 1871 where James was employed in building construction. 11 children were born during this marriage.

I wish to acknowledge the Tasmanian Names Index and other Tasmanian archives for their valued reference points during my research of the Gallagher, Guy, Poulton and Thompson families.  Thank you.


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