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Orphan Number: 2309
Orphan: George Douglas Wyndham HAMILTON
Mother:McINTYRE, Mary
Father:HAMILTON, George William
Mother's ship:Asia
Father's ship:Marion 1
Age when admitted:9yrs
Date admitted:23 Apr 1863
Date discharged:6 Sep 1866
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: Jerimiah McAuliffe, Tunnack
Remarks: mother murdered by father, Police Superintendant - surname changed to Johnson
References: SWD25/5, 26/8, 27, 32/1, CSD25/11/259

This orphan has been claimed by: Bruce Douglas Farmer

Bruce Farmer great grandson of George Wyndam Douglas Hamilton


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This orphan has been claimed by: Rosemary Yeoland

George Wyndham Douglas Hamilton was born 14 November 1854 in Hobart and died 19 April 1945 in Hobart.

His father was George William Hamilton born about 1803 either in England or Scotland. He was tried at the Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey London 21 August 1843, for sending threatening letters to a young lady. (He was purportedly a solicitor). Transported to Tasmania, November 1843 on the convict ship Marion, his convict papers also gave the alias Robert Bell. Family rumour in Tasmania has always been that there was a connection to the Duke of Hamilton lineage, but research has never "unearthed" such a connection!

From his marriage to Mary MacIntyre (no marriage certificate found), there were 5 children: Georgina Douglas, born around 1852, George Wyndham, Edith Gertrude, born Nov 15 1856, Ida Douglas, born September 1858 and James Archibald, born in 1860.

George William Hamilton was appointed a constable whilst still a convict in February 1846. He received his Ticket of Leave on 27 August, 1850 and Conditional Pardon July 1852. In 1855, he was appointed District Constable.

On 6 March 1861, George William murdered his wife, and the case is described in detail in the March and April newspapers of the day. He died of apoplexy whilst in prison on 17 April 1861. The two elder children were then placed in the Orphanage. I am unsure of the fate of the remaining siblings, though I have had contact with descendants of Ida Douglas

My great-grandfather, George Wyndham Douglas Hamilton married Eliza Augusta Reis, born 13 July 1858 in Hobart and who died 2 March 1950 in Wellington New Zealand.

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