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Orphan Number: 3159
Orphan: Daniel Joseph LAWSON
Mother:STANDREN, Sarah
Mother's ship:
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:5yrs 6mths
Date admitted:22 Sep 1862
Date discharged:9 Dec 1870, 13 Feb 1872
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: Mary Bromley, Hobart, absconded
Remarks: last seen leaving for Melbourne - mother dead, father left colony
References: SWD6, 26/5, 27, 28, 32/1, POL709, HAP1871/63

This orphan has been claimed by: Andrew Cocker

Friends of the Orphan Schools

Daniel is my Great Great Uncle.   

His mother was Sarah Lawson, alias Sarah Standering, alias Sarah Jacobs.  His mother also spent time in the Orphan School upon the arrival of her convict mother, Euphemia, in 1828. Sarah died a lingering death in the Hobart General Hospital after her clothes caught fire while she was cooking soup. Daniel's father was probably ex-convict Jacob Standring per Asiatic 1843 with whom his mother lived but was not married to.   His father abandonded them and went to Sydney about two and a half years before Sarah's death.

Daniel was admitted (with his sister) to the Infant Orphan School on 22 Sep 1862 and was transferred to the Boy's Orphan School on 1 October 1863.  He escaped from service as an apprentice in 1872 and left for Melbourne.  So far no trace of him has been found.

Reports of Crime for Police Information

Friday 16 February 1872.
Queens Asylum Absconded:- on the 13 instant [1872] from the service of Mrs. Bromley, Macquarie House, Hobart Town. Daniel Lawson, an Orphan School apprentice. Description:- 16 years of age, 5 feet, two inches high, light brown hair, stout build, ruddy complexion, wore dark brown coat vest and trousers, black cloth cap, new boots.

Friday March 1872
Vide Crime Report of the 16th ultimo, page 26. A boy answering the description of Daniel Lawson left Launceston on 20th ultimo, on board the Derwent for Melbourne.

Daniel's brother Jacob and sister Richmoth were also admitted.

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