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Orphan Number: 3310
Orphan: Ellen LYNAM
Mother:O'NEILL, Margaret
Father:LYNAM, William
Mother's ship:Duke of Cornwall
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:7mths
Date admitted:15 Nov 1864
Date discharged:
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to:
Remarks: father in prison
References: SWD26/7, 27

This orphan has been claimed by: Ellen Lynam

3310 Ellen Lynam

Ellen Lynam is one of three sisters listed at the Queens Orphan School, although they were not actually at the school. Both parents (William and Margaret Lynam -nee O'Neill - both convicts) were in prison at the time, and from the records - The Governor approves an allowance of sixteen shillings a week to Francis Smith through the agency of the Warden of Fingal for the maintenance of the three children until their father is discharged from prison. The records state that Ellen was 7 months old, when in fact she was 7 years old.

By 1865 the family had moved to Westbury.

In 1870 when Ellen was about 12 years old she witnessed the murder of her older sister Emma, between Carrick and Westbury, which must have been very traumatic. Emma was murdered by her husband John Regan, who was many years older than Emma. The murder reports are readily available in the newspapers. Ellen drove the chaise cart, with her sister in the back, to the Silwood toll gate between Carrick and Westbury, to report the crime. Ellen was required to give evidence at the inquest. John was hanged for his crime.

Ellen had a child prior to her marriage to Benjamin Spurway Smith. This couple had six children Benjamin and Ellen are my great grandparents. They spent most of their life in the Carrick district.


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