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Orphan Number: 4005
Orphan: James/Thomas MUNTING
Mother:WALL/WARD, Mary
Father:MUNTING, James Thomas
Mother's ship:Duke of Cornwall
Father's ship:Anson
Age when admitted:4yrs
Date admitted:2 Mar 1865
Date discharged:13 Feb 1868
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: father
Remarks: father in prison at Port Arthur
References: SWD26/8, 27, CSD25/11/396, HAP1871/63

This orphan has been claimed by: Erica Norgrove

James Thomas Munting was my grandfather's father. His father was also named James Thomas Munting. He was convicted of larceny in Shordich England however when he was transported to Tasmania in 1843 as a convict on board the Anson, his name was recorded as James Thomas. When he was later reconvicted in Tasmania and sent to Port Arthur, his name was then recorded as James Thomas Minting.

 Some time after his arrival in Tasmania James Thomas met his future wife Mary Wall (Ward) born 1829 (or 1828) in Tipperary Ireland. They were married on 6.3.1851 at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Launceston. Mary was also a convict. She was tried at Clare on 24th  October 1949. She could not read or write. She was transported for cow stealing from Kingston Dublin on the Duke of Cornwall on 8th July 1850 – arriving in Tasmania on 27.10.1850.



They had 13 children:

Sophia (Ward) Thomas 17.12.1851-28.1.1852

Frederick James (Wall) Munting 3.6.1853

Mary (Wall) Munting 8.3.1855

Unknown male (Ward) Munting 10.3.1856

Unknown male (Wall) Munting 15.9.1858

James Thomas (Wall) Munting 1860-1.2.1942

Kate Munting 1861

Sophia Munting 1863-1938

John Munting 1864-1944

Robert Munting 1867-26.2.1910

Maria Munting July 1871-22.2.1872

William Augustus (Ward) Munting 16.7.1872 - 3.8.1966

John Thomas (Ward) Munting 16.7.1872-2.11.1950




James died on 6.1.1891 at Charles St. Launceston Tasmania.

Mary died on 19.2.1895 in Launceston Tasmania.


James and Mary’s son James Thomas Munting was born in 1860. His father, a convict was reconvicted and sent to Port Arthur. His mother was still a convict when she became pregnant. It is likely that she was indentured to work for a landowner however when convict women became pregnant they were sent to the Cascade Women’s factory to give birth to their children. It is recorded that Mary was in the Cascade Women’s Factory. It is likely that James stayed with his mother there for some time however he was later sent to the Queens Orphanage at Newtown on 23.12.1864 (or 1863) when he was about 4 years old. His brother James Frederick and sister Mary were also sent to the Orphanage.


He was later working as a groom at Calstock where the winner of the Melbourne Cup Malua was trained. He met and married Frances Maria Sherriff 5th March 1881 in Deloraine. He worked at Calstock for many years.



  1. Joseph MUNTING b: 15 Nov 1883 in Deloraine, Tasmania
  2. James Thomas MUNTING b: 21 Sep 1882 in Deloraine, Tasmania
  3. William Henry MUNTING b: 22 February 1885 in Deloraine, Tasmania
  4. Albert MUNTING b: 28 October 1886 in Deloraine, Tasmania
  5. Harry MUNTING b: 24 February 1888 in Deloraine, Tasmania
  6. Arthur George MUNTING b: 24 April 1889 in Deloraine, Tasmania
  7. Alice Caroline MUNTING b: 22 Sep 1890 in Deloraine, Tasmania
  8. Jane MUNTING b: 3 May 1894 in Deloraine, Tasmania

Albert Munting was my grandfather.

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This orphan has been claimed by: Nadine Calder

James Thomas Munting is my Great Great Grandfather. 

His father, also named James Thomas Munting, was tried and convicted for Larceny on 12 June 1843 in Middlesex, England at age 22 and sentenced to 10 years transportation onboard the ship 'Anson' he was transported under the name of James Thomas and his occupation was Tailor and could read and write. He was Free by Servitude on 12 June 1853. But on 6 Oct 1864 he was tried and re-convicted for Larceny and sent to serve 4 years imprisonment at Port Authur - his name was listed as James Thomas Minting/Munting. In 1867 he was released. James died 6 Jan 1891 in Charles St Launceston.

His mother Mary Wall was tried and convicted for Cow Stealing on 24 Oct 1849 in Co Clare, Ireland at age 21 and sentenced to 7 years transportation she was sent to Grangegorman Female Prison in Dublin, Ireland until being transported onboard the ship 'Duke of Cornwall' her occupation was a County Servant and she could not read or write. Her convict record states she was at the Female Factory in Launceston and by 31 Jan 1854 had gained her Ticket of Leave. Mary died 19 Feb 1895 in Launceston.
James and Mary were married 2 June 1851 at St Josephs Church Launceston - James is listed as having his Ticket of Leave and Mary is listed as being a Pass Holder.

It is when the father James Thomas Munting was reconvicted and sent to Port Arthur for 4 years that Mary had applied to have James Munting and 2 other of their children (Mary and Frederick) put into the Queens Orphan School on 23 Dec 1864 stating that her and the children were dependant on her husbands earnings for support and since his conviction they were currently receiving aid from the Benevolent Society. Mary also stated to having younger children at home then those being admitted.

The children were later released back to their father on 13 Feb 1868.

The Children Below are more than likely that of James and Mary -
Sophia Thomas 1851 - 1852
(James) Frederick Munting 1853 - 1917
Mary Munting 1855 - 1903
Unknown male Munting 1856 -
Unknown male Thomas 1858 -
James Thomas Munting abt 1860 - died 1942
Kate Munting abt1861 - died 1921
Sophia Munting abt 1863 - died 1938
John Munting abt 1864 - died 1944
Robert Munting abt 1867 - died 1910
Maria Munting 1871 - died 1872
John Thomas Munting 1872 - died 1950
William Augustus Munting 1872 - 1966


My Great Great Grandfather - James Thomas Munting was born abt 1860 Launceston and at the age of 21 he married Frances Maria Sherriff on 11 Feb 1881 in Deloraine.

The Children of James and Frances were -
James Thomas Munting 1882 - 1941
Joseph Munting 1883 - 1960
William Henry Munting 1885 - 1955
Albert John Munting 1886 - 1955
Harry Benjamin Munting 1888 - 1958
Arthur George Munting 1889 - 1891
Alice Caroline Munting 1890 - 1958
Myrtle Jane Munting 1894 - 1969
Lindsay Gordon Munting 1898 - 1972
Lilian Blanche Munting 1901 - 1987

In 1931 James and Frances celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary and it was noted they had 9 children, 42 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren and over 200 nieces and nephews.

In 2014 James Munting was inducted into the Tasmanian Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame. His involvement with the Tasmania Turf Club spanned over 70 years, during which time he was well known as stud groom, jockey and trainer for Mr Field at Calstock. He was regarded as an astute trainer with a keen eye for a horse and was a mentor, advisor, guide and friend to many and as a keen racing enthusiast could discuss horses and riders in a manner that showed his interest and great love for the sport. With his death on 16 February 1942 they lost one of the best known and most colourful characters.


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