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Orphan Number: 4691
Orphan: John ROBINSON
Mother's ship:
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:7yrs 7mths
Date admitted:19 Jan 1859
Date discharged:23 Mar 1862
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: to Male School
Remarks: won infant prize 1862 and general knowledge prize 1864
References: SWD6

This orphan has been claimed by: Deb Robinson

There were two John Robinson's at the orphan school across a similar time frame. This John Robinson and the other John Robinson and his older brother William are seen on the same page in this link.

CSD1/1/129,4705 held in the Hobart History Room reveals the following

John Robinson NoC

12 years 20/12/1863

Felionoulsy stealing a mare - charge withdrawn

Read No

Write No

Prevous conviction No

And larceny under.....£5 in stealing a whip 3 months inprisonment and recommended for separate treatment

A few pages further in this old book a chance discovery re corresponence for little Thomas Gallagher 24 June 1858.


I hope you will pardon me for trespassing on your attention for the third time, requsting admission of Thomas Gallagher 5 years old into the infant school. In my application of the 5th instant, I stated the circumstances of this boy again after the lapse of ten days. I had the honor of again requesting his admission. Then stating that the child was not only exposed to the lowest and most depraved family, but was actually in want of his daily bread. I also urge the necessity of admitting another child, John Robinson in my letter of the same date and received an answer in reply, that "the admission" of John Robinson was granted and 'that the necessary instructions were forwarded' to Mr Sullivan was made to case of Thomas Gallagher, I therefore request that his wretched state to be taken into consideration and his admission into the orphange granted from those abodes of...and misery where he is at present obliged to reside. your obedient servant Chaplain Chas Wood

Thomas and John can be seen in the infant school record as both being transferred to the male school within a few weeks of one another.



John Robinson

13 May Larceny and 28 May either 1862 or 63 Larceny to...

Neither read or write

an ...... young thief on shipboard stole from Master L every sailor on board left in New Zealand

On Trove 24 May 1864 this article about possibly the same John Robinson

What a miserable life these boys must have had.

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