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Orphan Number: 4806
Orphan: Eliza SANDLE
Mother:SANDLE/S, Hannah
Father:SANDLE/S, George
Mother's ship:Anna Maria
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:12yrs
Date admitted:1 Feb 1852
Date discharged:28 May 1854
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: Mrs E Brown, Hobart
References: SWD28

This orphan has been claimed by: June Joiner

Eliza the daughter of Hannah Sandles was aged 8 when her mother was committed to prison for murder. Eliza was placed in Chailey Union House. She sailed on the Anna Maria with her mother on the 4th October 1851, arriving in Hobart on the 26th January 1852. Eliza was then transferred to the Queens Orphanage on the 1st February 1852 aged 12 years. She remained at the orphanage until she was discharged to a Mrs E. Brown on the 28th May 1854 when 14 years of age.

Eliza married a Thomas Cody on the 21 st August 1857 with the name Elizabeth Sandals and her age 21 years (she was only 17) in the Church Of St. George Hobart. Her mother was a witness on her marriage certificate. Eliza then married William Stevenson on the 31 st October 1859 at Trinity church under name Eliza Cody aged 20 years. William was a widower aged 45 years, Eliza was stated as a spinster. Her mother was again witness at her wedding.

Eliza and William had 5 Children

  • William 22.7.1861 who died aged 7 on 20.11.1867

  • Daniel Herbert 1 .7.1863

  • Charles Joseph 29.1 1866

  • Alfred James 14.12 1868

  • Louisa Hannah 27.12 1871.

When William died they lived at 246 Murray Street, Hobart.

William apparently deserted his wife and children.  In a court case on the 26th August 1875 Charles and Daniel Stevenson, two boys respectively ten and twelve, were surrendered by their mother to the Governor of the Boys Home. They were discharged on 30th June 1879.

In July 1879 there was a court case of a charge being made against a constable, with having been quilty of misconduct for entering and searching the house of Eliza Stevenson of Liverpool Street without her permission and did not state what purpose he came. He did not stop long, but after he left she heard him say she was keeping a bad house.   No complaints had been made about the house from neighbors. One neighbor said Mrs. Stevenson has now left the area as it got too warm for her. Her husband William died on 16th May 1887 in Watchorn St., aged 78 years.

Eliza died on Wednesday 20th November 1912 at the residents of Mrs Farmer of Melville Street aged 80 years. She was buried at Cornelian Bay with her husband.

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