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Orphan Number: 4861
Orphan: Elizabeth SCULLY
Father:SCULLY, James
Mother's ship:Catherine
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:12yrs
Date admitted:20 May 1829
Date discharged:11 Feb 1832
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to:
Remarks: father dead
References: SWD24p160, CSO5/86/1885

This orphan has been claimed by: Deb Robinson

Elizabeth SCULLY was born 12 April 1817 to Johanna (Catherine) and James SCULLY (free settler according to marriage document)

James SCULLY was Johanna's 2nd husband. James SCULLY died 11 months after the birth of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's older brother Owen CLARKE was born in 1815 to Johanna and Owen CLARKE (Tellicherry) at Colonel Davey's farm at Coal Creek. Owen's father died a few months after he was born.

Elizabeth also had siblings James and Sarah born to a William and Johanna SCULLAH January 1819. 

Johnanna's third husband was James DOWSING (Calcutta 1803) year of marriage 1827.  James it seems had a twin sister Sarah, father named as William.

Elizabeth was admitted aged 12 to the Queens Orphan School 20 June 1929 and not discharged until 11 February 1832.

A letter found on SWD24 page 160 states

Admitted on the foundation.

Elizabeth SCULLY aged 12 yrs

Daughter of Joanna DOWSING, late SCULLY - the Father is dead - the child was born at Norlfok - Island - the mothers present Husband is in most ?injurious circumstances - the Girl is in great ignorance, was never at any School, nor has she received the least education, but.....appears very desirous of getting where she may receive education and other instruction. signed by Joseph Stone, Chairman

Born at Norfolk Island may be an error.

Alas: Elizabeth died aged 18 on 7 October 1835, her occupation as 'Servant'. What a sad life Elizabeth had........

Stepfather James DOWSING died in 1839 and her mother Johanna in 1867, amazingling she lived to 96. James and Johanna are my great x 4 grandparents.

Elizabeth was my Great x2 grandmother Isabelle DOWSING (ELLISS) Aunt.

In 1857 Elizabeths brother Owen CLARK committed a murder suicide on the  corner of Argyle and Smith St Hobart. The story made interstate papers. Sad and traumatic for the family.

Her younger brother James DOWSING survived his twin sister, there is no other record for Sarah other than mention of birth.

James DOWSING did well for himself, he was a successful farmer and his farm land now known as Dowsing Point.



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