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Orphan Number: 5276
Orphan: John TAYLOR
Mother:TAYLOR, Ann
Mother's ship:Eliza
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:8yrs
Date admitted:20 Nov 1833
Date discharged:2 Jan 1841
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: J D Locke
Remarks: CSO5/191/4635 record states age at 2yrs 6mths and from the Female Factory
References: SWD24p208, 28, CSO5/86/1885, CSO5/191/4635, Colonial Times 27 Dec 1842

This orphan has been claimed by: Dianne Snowden

The Courier 15 April 1842 p.1

ABSCONDED.-John Taylor, an apprentice from the Queen's Orphan School, having absconded from the service of Mr. Loch, 96, Macquarie-street, on the 30th instant:-Notice is hereby given, that any person harbouring him will be proceeded against for the penalty to which he will be liable under the Orphan School Apprentice Act. He is 15 years of age, of small stature, has brown hair, and the scar of a cut on one cheek near the eye.

Colonial Times 27 December 1842 p.3
Hobart Town Police Report

Mr. Lock, a gentleman from India, and residing in Macquarie-street, complained of a poor boy apprenticed to him from the Orphan School, for having absconded from his service on Saturday week last. The boy, John Taylor by name, said he ran away to Captain Swanston, one of the guardians of the Orphan School, because his master, Mr. Lock, beat him. A long investigation ensued, when it turned out that the lad, having neglected to place the plate where it ought to be, received at the hands of Mr. Lock a very severe beating, so severe indeed that on being stripped his back and arms exhibited one continuous mass of bruizes.

Mr. Lock seemed to think that the chastisement he had inflicted was only, what he termed, a necessary coercion, but both Mr. Price and Captain Swanston (who was present at the inquiry) were of a very different opinion, and Captain Swanston loudly expressed his astonishment and regret at the severe punishment which had been administered. The magistrates, however, are not empowered to remove an Orphan School apprentice from his service without the consent of the guardians; all that their worships could, therefore, do, in the present instance, was to dismiss Mr. Lock's complaint; and he retired with Captain Swanston, who, we hope, will stipulate for not quite so much 'necessary coercion' on the part of Mr. Lock.

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