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Orphan Number: 5287
Orphan: Annabella TEDDER
Mother:TEDDER, Ludlow
Mother's ship:Hindostan
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:10yrs
Date admitted:18 Sep 1839
Date discharged:29 Apr 1844
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: mother, Launceston,
Remarks: mother married Wm Manley Chambers
References: SWD7, 28

This orphan has been claimed by: Glad Wishart

Arabella TEDDER was erroneously admitted to the orphanage as 'Annabella'. She was born September 5th 1830 in Chelmsford Essex England, to mother Ludlow TEDDER nee STAMMERS, and John Bulley TEDDER. She was the fifth child of this couple, having four older siblings, one brother and three sisters.

Arabella joined her mother on board the Hindostan in 1839, arriving in September of that year. She was admitted to the Queen's Orphanage on 18th September 1839 and released into her mother's care in Launceston on 29th April 1844. Ludlow TEDDER was at this time married to William Manly CHAMBERS, but for some reason the marriage did not last and in January 1847 Ludlow had married former convict John ATTERWELL (ATEWELL ATTIWELL).

On 28th November, 1849, Arabella gave birth to a male child unnamed on the birth register but known throughout his life as Henry TEDDER. A second son was born to Arabella in Launceston circa 1851, and this child was named Benjamin WATERS.

On April 5th 1852, Arabella married Isaac WATERS, former convict, at the Independant Chapel in Launceston.

On 23rd May 1852, Arabella along with her husband Isaac, mother Ludlow, Step father John, and the two little boys sailed from Launceston aboard the barque Sphynx bound for the port of Melbourne.

The family headed for the Gold Fields in Bendigo where they were to settle and raise several more children.    From 1856 until 1865, Arabella gave birth to four daughters and another son. Apart from Benjamin Waters who died at age 20 in 1872, all her other children lived into old age.

Isaac Waters died in 1867, and at that time his occupation was 'Carter" In December 1879 Arabella married 60 year old widower John OLIVER. John died in 1896 leaving Arabella widowed again. 

Arabella died on September 2nd 1918 in her 89th year, and at this time was survived by two sons, five daughters, 45 grandchildren, numerous great grandchildren and one great great grandchild.

Arabella was buried at White Hills Cemetery on September 3rd 1918.

Glad Wishart

(Copies of relevent documents held by me, also a photograph of Arabella in her later years. Details provided with the assistance of several family members who are also descendants of Ludlow and Arabella.)


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