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Orphan Number: 5420
Mother:UNDERWOOD, Louisa
Mother's ship:Emma Eugenia
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:8yrs
Date admitted:15 Apr 1844
Date discharged:9 May 1847
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: mother, Ticket of Leave and married to Joseph W Lane per 'Asia'
References: SWD7, 28

This orphan has been claimed by: Robyn Murray

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Ann Underwood was my Convict Great Great Grandmother Louisa Underwood's daughter. Louisa Underwood was convicted on 12th January 1843 of passing counterfeit coins in Bristol, UK. Louisa was sentenced to 7 years and transported to Van Diemens Land (VDL) on the Emma Eugenia, having embarked at Woolwich from Millbank Prison and arriving in Hobart on the 2 nd April 1844. The Emma Eugenia transported 170 convict women along with many children of the convict women.

Accompanying Louisa were her two illegitimate children Ann Underwood aged 8 and George Underwood aged 5. On her convict Indent records (Con 15-1-2 Images 300 and 301) Louisa names James White as the Father of her two children and stated that they had lived together for 9 years.

On the 15th April 1844 Ann and George Underwood were placed in the Queens Orphan School at Newtown. This institution was run by the Convict Department.

Ann's mother Louisa was assigned to work in the Buckland area. When Ann was 12 years old she was released from the Queen's Orphan School to the care of her Mother on the 9th May 1847. Her Mother Louisa has her Ticket of Leave when Ann is released. Young George is released in 1850.

At the time Ann is released, her Mother Louisa Underwood has married Joseph Whiting Lane. Joseph and Louisa marry on the 18th September 1846 in St John's Newtown. One wonders if young Ann and George attended the Wedding at St John's due to the close proximity of the Orphan School to the Church. Joseph Lane was convicted in Leicester in 1835 of stealing a horse. He arrived in Van Diemens Land on the Asia in 1836 and is sent to work for Major Thomas Lord in the Spring Bay area. He was given a Life Sentence, however Joseph was given his Ticket of Leave in 1846 for "serving his Master, Major Thomas Lord for 10 years without complaint and having committed no offences."

Sometime after Ann is released from the Orphan School in May 1847, she changes her name to Louisa Ann Lane. Since her Mother Louisa's married name is now Lane it is a possibility that she takes on her now Step Fathers surname and she puts Louisa in front of her given name of Ann. She is now Louisa Ann Lane. I have wondered as well about the so called "Convict Stain" and was there also a stain one for the children who attended the Queens Orphan School?

Where Louisa Ann Lane works from her release from The Orphan School in 1847 until her marriage in 1853 is not known. Further research is required. Louisa Ann's Mother Louisa has 2 children to Joseph Lane, Joseph Henry Lane born 16th October 1847 and Emily Lane born in 1849. Emily dies accidentally in a fire aged 3 years. On the 27th January 1853 Louisa Ann Lane (formerly Ann Underwood) marries Thomas Judge in St Georges Church, Hobart. Thomas, a Millwright was born in India to Thomas and Ann Judge (nee Sanders). The Wedding Certificate lists Thomas' age as 29 years and Louisa Ann's age as 17 years. Sometime between 1853 and 1856 Louisa Ann and Thomas move across to Victoria.

In 1856, their first child Bartholomew Judge is born in Ashby, West Geelong. Sadly, Bartholomew dies the same year. A second child Thomas is born year date unknown. A third child George Joseph Judge is born in Melbourne 1861 and dies in 1944. Ann Judge is born at Quarry Hill, Bendigo in1866 and dies in 1870.

Louisa Ann's husband Thomas Judge fired the first train over the Bendigo to Echuca Line. In 1863/1864 he was the first Lighter -Up at the North Melbourne Sheds. Sometime in 1867 Louisa and Thomas Judge move to Echuca.

Sadly, on the 29th January 1865 Louisa Ann's Mother, Louisa Lane aged 57 dies at Sandy Bay, Tasmania from liver disease. Louisa Lane is buried at the St Georges Church, Battery Point. By all accounts the burial site no longer exists and is now a school.

Louisa Ann's husband Thomas Judge dies in Echuca on the 2nd August 1872. At the time of his death he owned a horse and 3 acres of land with 1 acre planted with fruit trees and vines. His Estate was valued at 250 Pounds.

In 1876 Louisa Ann Judge marries Henri Stoebener, son of Henri and Charlotte Stoebener (nee Cornel). Henri's occupation on his Wedding Certificate is a cabinet maker and Louisa Ann is a market gardener.

On 13th September 1881 Louisa Ann's Step Father Joseph Lane dies in Echuca aged 86. Louisa Ann Judges brother George Underwood dies suddenly from a heart attack on August 28th 1884 in Mathoura Woolshed and is buried in Moama, NSW. It is interesting to note that the family all eventually lived in Echuca/Moama area possibly leaving Tasmania because of the so called "convict stain" and to start a new life.

Henri Stoebener, Louisa Ann's second husband died in 1913. His address is listed as Hare St, Echuca.

Louisa Ann Stoebener died from pneumonia on the 27th June 1923. She was residing in Packenham Street, Echuca at the time of her death. On her death she left one son George, eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Her death certificate lists her Father as John White however her Mother, on documentation always listed Louisa Ann's Father as James White. She is buried in the Presbyterian Section of Echuca Cemetery and is buried alongside her husband Henri Stoebener in Section G, Row 6. The grave is 4 x 6 a double grave with iron railing.

Ann certainly had an interesting life. Her young life in Bristol would have been one of poverty. Her Mother Louisa was in Prison 11 times for counterfeiting, before being transported to Van Diemens Land. She would also have probably spent time with her Mother in Millbank Prison and then she went on to survive the journey to Australia on the convict ship Emma Eugenia. After spending 3 years in The Queens Orphan School, Louisa Ann is then released to the care of her Mother - now Louisa Lane and her husband Joseph Lane. Nothing is known of how Louisa Ann spent the next 6 years before her marriage to Thomas Judge in 1853. It has been said in family notes that Lady Franklin wanted to adopt Louisa Ann as her seamstress, suggesting Louisa Ann had needlework skills.

After moving to Geelong, Victoria Louisa Ann went on to have 4 children, with only one, George Joseph Judge, surviving . With her final relocation to settle in Echuca in 1867 with husband Thomas and son George s he then survived her two husbands. Thomas Judge passed away in 1872 and Henri Stoebener in 1913. Her son George Judge gave his second daughter the name Louisa Ann, in honour of his Mother.

Her Obituary in The Riverine Herald on the 29th June 1923 says" she was of the most charitable disposition, but few knew the extent of her generosity."

She really had the most remarkable life. To survive all that she went through is quite amazing and shows her resilience. Considering the turbulence of her early life in Bristol, life this would have had it's challenges for her. Her two marriages and the birth of son George Joseph Judge would have provided her with hope, love, a family, security and a normality she had never known before.

The move to Victoria would have provided Louisa Ann and her husband Thomas with a fresh start and a new chapter in life away from the convict stigma in VDL of her Mother and Step Fathers past. Interestingly, her remaining family in VDL, Step Father Joseph Lane, Brother George Underwood and Half Brother Joseph Lane all make the move to Echuca. The family unit keep together.

Louisa Ann Stoebener- A life well lived.

Interesting this story of her life commences with young Ann as:

Ann Underwood
Louisa Ann Lane
Louisa Ann Judge
Louisa Ann Stoebener.

Ann Underwood is the writers 2nd Great Aunt. Her Mother Louisa Underwood (Convict) was my Great Great Grandmother.

2nd February 2020

Louisa Ann Stoebener

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