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Orphan Number: 5421
Orphan: George UNDERWOOD
Mother:UNDERWOOD, Louisa
Mother's ship:Emma Eugenia
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:5yrs
Date admitted:15 Apr 1844
Date discharged:17 Sep 1850
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: mother, now free
References: SWD7, 28

This orphan has been claimed by: Robyn Murray

George Underwood was the illegitimate child of my convict Great Great Grandmother Louisa Underwood. George  and his sister Ann accompanied Louisa on the Emma Eugenia arriving in VDL on 2nd April 1844.On her convict records Louisa states that Charles White was the father of my 2 children.(Charles may have been from Bristol?) Louisa had been convicted of passing counterfeit coin in Bristol UK and was sentenced to 7 years. She was fortunate that her 2 children came out with her. Ann was aged 8 and George 5 when they arrived. They were both placed in the Queens Orphan School on 15th April 1844.

George was released to the care of his mother on the 17th September 1850. ( Ann had been released May 9th 1847 ). By this time Louisa had married my Great Great Grandfather, Joseph Whiting Lane, also a convict. Joseph had a Life sentence for stealing a horse. He and Louisa married in St John's Church, Newtown on the 18th September 1846.

I have no further information on George in VDL. I  assume he would have gone to live with Louisa and Joseph. Louisa and Joseph leased land at Green Ponds then went on to farm their own land at Sandy Bay. Did George and his sister Ann live with them and the 2 children Louisa and Joseph went on to have?

I next find George in Victoria. I found him from his marriage certificate where he names as his Mother- Louisa Underwood and his birthplace Bristol , England.Father unknown.The birth year matches also.When he married George was 44 years old. I can only but assume this was our George.

George Underwood ( Batchelor) married Phoebe Wilson ( Widow)  aged 35 on the 19th July 1884. Phoebe had 6 children. George's occupation is listed as Agent. He is listed as living in Oxford Street, Collingwood. Tragically George died the same year on the 28th August 1884 .Possibly he was unwell ?? Phoebe produced a son the following year also- a son George Underwood. Sadly he died aged 7 months on the 11th December 1885 from Gastroenteritis.

His start in life would have been difficult. Firstly surviving the voyage out to VDL and life in the Orphan School. I can only but assume this is George Underwood and if anyone can shed any more information I would be most grateful. I am fascinated by the convict history of my ancestors in VDL. It has been a jig saw puzzle fitting all the pieces together which I have for my GG Grandparents, however I would really like to find out more on George and his sister Ann and what became of them.

Hoping there is someone out there who can fill in the missing gaps.

Robyn Murray

Western Australia








I have lots of gaps on George but have been able to track him down in Victoria.

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