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Orphan Number: 5614
Orphan: John WHELAN
Mother:COLLARY, Ellen
Father:WHELAN, John
Mother's ship:
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:5yrs
Date admitted:19 Sep 1855
Date discharged:12 Dec 1865, 6 Jun 1866, 1 May 1867
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: John Coverdale, New Town, Rev George Hunter, James Detton, Lansdowne Crescent
Remarks: won general knowledge prize 1864 - father dead, mother destitute
References: SWD6, 28, 32/1

This orphan has been claimed by: Helen Sonners

John Whelan spent the first four years of his life.

On the death of his father, John Whelan Snr in 1855, John Whelan Jnr was placed in the Queen's Orphan School, New Town, Tasmania, Australia.

Date discharged- 12 December 1865, 6 June 1866, 1 May 1867 and returned home to his family at Oatlands, Tasmania, Australia

In 1874 John Whelan married Annie Harris at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

He gained employment with the Hobart City Council in 1880, becoming Clerk of Markets (with the Hobart City Council Marketing Committee) 1 January 1884  (at 33 years). He held this position until September 1916, a period of 32 years service as Clerk of Markets, and 36 years with the Hobart City Council.

On the 5 September 1916 John Whelan was given a reception at the Hobart Town Hall, the Lord Mayor presiding.

John Whelan was also involved in the I.O.O.F  (Oddfellows Lodge) and was secretary with the United friendly Societies Dispensary from 1886 -1906.  John Whelan was a foundation member of the Loyal Raglan Lodge  I .O.O.F M.U   4612 and financial secretary with the Loyal Raglan Lodge I.O.O.F  from 1879-1904. He was awarded for his long secretarial services to the Lodge

As Clerk of Markets, John Whelan resided on the Collins Street side of the Exhibition Buildings until it's destruction by fire on 5 November 1909. This is where the City Hall stands now.

John Whelan then moved to Upper Goulburn Street Hobart, naming his residence Corby Hall. He lived there with his wife Annie Whelan until his death in 1932.

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