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Orphan Number: 5749
Orphan: Charlotte/Catherine WILSON
Mother:Wilson, Catherine
Father:Wilson, John
Mother's ship:Boadecia
Father's ship:Boadecia
Age when admitted:5yrs
Date admitted:19 Feb 1836
Date discharged:20 Apr 1838
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: brother-in-law, John Gregory
References: SWD28, CSO5/93/2074, CSO5/86/1885

This orphan has been claimed by: karen Forster


Precious family stories passed down from my family had me traveling to Tasmania for answer about My 2nd great-grandmother.

Catherine (Charlotte) Wilson

BIRTH 1830 • Cork, Ireland
DEATH 9 DEC 1916 • Clarence Road, Bellerive, Tasmania, Australia

Relationship to me:

Catherine (Charlotte) Wilson 1830-1916

2nd great-grandmother
Elizabeth Celia (Lizzie) SHAW 1861-1934
Daughter of Catherine (Charlotte) Wilson
Ethel Kate BUCK 1894-1941
Daughter of Elizabeth Celia (Lizzie) SHAW
Karen Elsie STONE
You are the daughter of Nancy Elizabeth (Peggy) Higgins

Catherine (Charlotte) Wilson was born in 1830 in Cork, Cork. She married Joseph SHAW on 29 April 1854 in Hobart, Tasmania.
They had 12 children in 25 years. She died on 9 December 1916 in Bellerive, Tasmania, having lived a long life of 86 years, and was buried in Tasmania.

The whole Wilson family came out on the Boadicea ship!
The Wilson's named as arriving on the Boadicea: Mr John Wilson, Catherine 22, Catherine 23, Ellen 13, Jane 17, Margaret (Miss) 22, Charlotte 7 (with her sister)
Charlotte was discharged from the New Town orphanage 2/4/1838 to her brother in law John Gregory.
This would imply Charlotte had an older sister in Tasmania & who had possibly arrived on the Boadecia.
Charlotte was admitted to the orphanage 19/2/1836, given age was 5yrs.

Re the orphanage records: there is Ellen aged 12, Richard (12) Emma (8) & another Ellen (2) - her mother listed as arriving on the Hydery.
Ellen (12) was discharged to her mother, it says in 1845, but that may be incorrect as orphans were normally sent out to work at age 15.
Richard was discharged to his aunt in 1838, Emma was discharged in 1839 to her uncle Andrew CULLEN.
Iinterestingly, Ellen aged 2 was also listed as being discharged to her mother in 1845 (ship named Hydery).

I haven't found any information for Andrew Cullen nor John Gregory.

The Orphanage record said her father was a bricklayer in Launceston & her mother was Eleanor Wilson per Boadecia & that she (Eleanor) married Samuel WARRINGTON IN 1844.

However, the permission to marry record in 1844, has that Eleanor arrived as a convict on the Hydery. 

Samuel Warrington was a convict who arrived per Lord Lyndoch (2) in 1836, he was a stone mason.
They were married at Campbell Town 1/41844 & had a son Henry William born at Campbell Town 15/11/1845.

I researched for two week at Hobart Tasmania, Australia (in 2019) in the Tasmanian Archive & State Library collections on Boadicea and admitted to the orphanage 19/2/1836 and i have copies of documents from the library in Hobart Tasmania, Australia.

I have a copies of the Records CSO 1 CORRESP Volume/s 848 File 17925-17942 YEAR/INCLUDED 1824-1836. 

I have just been reviewing the old documents and will update on the information, its been hard with deciphering old handwriting 

Generally, older records are harder to read. Where I have run into difficulties, it’s often because of bad handwriting or poor equipment—blobs of ink obscuring letters and writing that’s so faded it’s almost illegible.

Orphan Number: 5749

Orphan: Charlotte/Catherine WILSON
Mother: WILSON, Eleanor
Father: ,
Mother's ship: Boadecia
Father's ship: Boadecia
Age when admitted: 5yrs
Date admitted: 19 Feb 1836
Date discharged: 20 Apr 1838
Institution(s): Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: brother-in-law, John Gregory
Remarks: parents per Boadecia- father a bricklayer in Launceston - mother married Samuel Warrington 1 Apr 1844
References: SWD28, CSO5/93/2074, CSO5/86/1885

Departed London 14 Oct 1835, arriving Launceston 03 Feb 1836, Hobart 02/04 Feb 1836 with 6 passengers & 216/265 free female immigrants on board.

If you would like, I would be happy to send you the family information that I have already collected for this branch.

Kind Regards
Karen Forster

Yeppoon, QLD 4703 Australia
(formerly South Australia)
My email is

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