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Orphan Number: 5787
Orphan: Elizabeth WISEMAN
Mother:WISEMAN, Harriet
Father:WISEMAN, Thomas
Mother's ship:Cadet
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:13yrs
Date admitted:17 Apr 1849
Date discharged:30 Nov 1849
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: R W Nutt, New Town
References: SWD7, 28

This orphan has been claimed by: Barbara Smith

The 13 year old Elizabeth and her 9 year old brother Miles Wiseman were sent to Australia with their Mother Harriet Wiseman on board the convict ship "Cadet 3".  Harriet Wiseman, a widow,  was sentenced in the Court at York, England, to 10 years in Hobart for robbery with violence.  Harriet Wiseman married William Spink (a convict) in Hobart on the 10.1.1853, she died on the 14.5.1854.

Harriet's daughter, Elizabeth Wiseman married Henry Siddons (an ex convict) on the 19.10.1854 and they had a son Joseph born on the 27.4.1856.  Elizabeth is listed as 21 on her marriage registration where she was probably only 18 or 19, but as her Mother had not long died maybe it was easier to say she was 21?

The only trace we can find of the child Joseph Siddons is when he dies in Victoria in January 1863, age 6.  His Mother is listed as Eliza Jane Coverdale Wiseman, now married to Henry Smith and the child is known as Joseph Smith.  Death Registration of Joseph "Smith" shows he had lived in Tasmania for 4 years, so presumably Elizabeth Siddons has now become Eliza Jane Smith?  Would love to find some more information on Eliza Jane Coverdale Wiseman.  Death Registration of Eliza Jane Smith, 30 years later, also show she had lived in Tasmania.


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This orphan has been claimed by: Margaret Jones

Harriett Wiseman was convicted with three other women, Emma Blakey, Harriet Wilson and Margaret Casey in Leeds, Yorkshire in 1848 for the same crime. After sentencing (10 Years transportation) all four were sent to York Castle for two months and then moved together to Millbank Prison, Pimlico. They were then put aboard the "Cadet" and sent to Van Dieman's Land in 1849. 

Emma Blakey was my 3xgreat grandmother, married another convict, John William Lee (alias William Smith) (Pestongee Bomangee 1845) and  they went on to build a substantial life for themselves and their seven children in Nine Mile Springs (Lefroy). I am researching the lives of the other three women convicted with Emma.

There was a fifth girl, Ann Allen, also charged with the same crime ( Robbery with violence in company of others - stealing nine pounds from Samuel Kelly at Leeds). She was aged 15 and was dismissed with a warning. She seems to have continued to be in trouble with the law through the 1850s & died in 1857 in Leeds. I wonder if her life might have been different if she had been transported with the two Harriets, Emma and Margaret.

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