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Orphan Number: 637
Orphan: Elizabeth BUMSTEAD
Father:BUMSTEAD, James
Mother's ship:Mellish
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:11yrs
Date admitted:23 Jun 1835
Date discharged:
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to:
Remarks: unsure whether admitted to Queens Orphan School - mother married George Clements
References: CSO5/86/1885

This orphan has been claimed by: Kate Sinclair

My interest is in Elizabeth's sister Caroline who had a child named John to my great great grandfather John Curtis. She later went on to marry Robert Hall but cannot find anything if she had more children to my gg grandfather or Robert Hall. I cannot find anything of her death or where buried. Apparently Elizabeth's mother also named Elizabeth came to VDL on the Mellish 1830 with 6 children so think Caroline may have been too old for the orphanage. I would like to find out more of her brothers and sisters and what became of them all.

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This orphan has been claimed by: Randall Jones

Elizabeth Bumpstead - 

It is believed that Elizabeth Bumpstead / Bunstead was born in London circa 1823.  She was the fourth of six children known to have been born to Elizabeth Bumpstead  (possibly nee' Shirley)  It is thought that the father was possibly James Bumpstead, however nothing has yet been found to prove parentage.  The only information concerning James Bumpstead indicated that he died in 1827 / 29 possibly in the region of Westminster London.

Other siblings to Elizabeth were;

1...... William born circa 1811......     died Hobart 1875

2...... Mary Anne born circa 1815......died Hobart 1898

3...... Caroline born circa 1818.

4...... Elizabeth born circa 1823 (our grandmother) ....died Thornleigh, Sydney 17th July, 1912.

5...... George born circa 1827..... .....died Hobart 1852 and

6.....  Sarah born circa 1829..............died Victoria 1873

All of these children except William accompanied Elizabeth to Tasmania .  

William, the first  child, found his own way to V.D.L. after being convicted at the age of 18 years for  assault and theft, he received a life sentence of transportation.  William arrived on board the male convict ship "Mary ll" in early 1830. Most unusual,  his convict record remained free of any endorsement for any offense until many years later when he was charged with drunkeness and other minor matters.  

The only individual detail for the mother of Elizabeth is that found through the State Archives of Tasmania.  

An application for admission of her children into the Queens Orphanage, Hobarton was dated Tuesday the 3rd of February, 1835 (aged 11 years). 

Between the years 1830 and 1835  the children appear to have remained with their mother until they could be placed into the orphanage.

On the application for Elizabeth's children to enter the Orphanage  a notation is found, "Father dead,  mother was a convict and now married to ----- no name--- at Goulburn Street.

Elizabeth was discharged from the Orphanage on the 26th July 1840 (age 15 years) at this time she was appointed to Mr Fenton Esquire.  This appointment appears to be as the keeper of a boarding house.  I also believe that she held this position at the same address, where she met her future husband George Clements.  They married at Hobarton on Friday the 18th August, 1843.

Her life with her husband George Clements along with their descendants are well recorded, I have images of George and Elizabeth.

George and Elizabeth Clements


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