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Orphan Number: 730
Orphan: Hayman CADBY
Mother's ship:
Father's ship:
Age when admitted:4yrs 3mths
Date admitted:8 Aug 1850, 13 Nov 1861
Date discharged:13 Jul 1860, 7 Feb 1862
Institution(s):Queens Orphan School
Discharged to: William Carter, New Town, Thomas Watson, Swansea
Remarks: suffered ill health and was in hospital during apprenticeship
References: SWD28, SWD32/1, CSD25/6, CSD25/2/7789

This orphan has been claimed by: Julie Gerber

Hamen Cadby was born 1st May 1846 in Richmond, Tasmania. His parents were both
Convicts, John Cadby and Hannah Roberts nee Jones. They were married 12th July 1846 in
St. Georges Church Sorrell. They had a further two children, Thomas b. 4th Sept.1847 in
Richmond and Matilda, b. 28th Dec 1855 in Longford, Tasmania. Haymen as he is spelt in
the records, was admitted to the Orphan School aged only 4 years old, 8th Aug. 1850. He was
discharged on 13th July 1860, but admitted again on 13th Nov. 1861 due to ill health, I found
a record of him being discharged from The General Hospital in 1862. It is also recorded here
that he suffered ill health during his apprenticeship. He went firstly to William Carter, New
Town and secondly, Thomas Watson, Swansea- both in Tasmania. Poor child was down as:
Parents Unknown, but as I had done quite a bit of research I knew that this must be untrue.

Family Biography: His father John Cadby b. and Baptised 21st May 1809 in Trowbridge,
Wiltshire, England, son of Hamon and his second or even third wife, Susannah Cadby nee
Chapman. My 2x gt. grandfather James Hamon followed plus two sisters, Keziah 1814 and
Matilda 1817-1891 then Hammond 1820-1854 (died a soldier in the Crimean war). Keziah
died aged 5 in 1818 and the mother died tragically in 1822. While trying to piece my Gt.
grandmother`s family together I discovered, through the help of a Researcher, that her father,
James Cadby had been sent to WA on The Stag in 1855, for attempted murder of his wife my
2x grandmother Mary Ann Cadby in Melksham,Wiltshire. This was shocking enough so I
didn't bother researching his brother John at all. My discovery quite recently, that John was
also sent over to Australia on The Lady Raffles, really shocked me. I had found, quite by
chance, some old prison records, with Haymen, James and Matilda down as his siblings, this
of course was quite correct, also the fact that he had come from Trowbridge,Wiltshire. I then
Put in Cadby and came up with the name spelt,"Cadley"which was a revelation, but certainly
helped me to locate the records of the children John and Hannah had had. The name Hamen
stood out a mile because it is so unusual and throughout my research have found it, in various
guises in this particular family line in Wiltshire, England. John Cadby was sentenced 15
years, for Felony and Robbery Simple, on 15th Oct 1839 and he left Portsmouth,17th March
1840. He was given over to Mr Hilyard of The Fingal Party.

Hannah Roberts was born in Flintshire, Wales abt. 1824, she was sentenced 27th July
1842 at Mold Assizes, Flint, Wales, to be hung for poisoning with Arsenic, her Elderly
Husband Robert Roberts aged 75. She was pregnant by her lover John Parry, whom she said
bought the powder, and she didn`t know what it was. She gave birth to a son William around
Nov. 3rd, 1842 knowing already that the sentence to hang had been commuted to life long
Transportation. She left, Woolwich,London,minus her infant son, on the 16th Nov
1842 aboard the Emma Eugenia bound for Tasmania, There I found her listed as working in
the Ross Female Factory. In the English Newspaper 1842 is a stunning account of her trial
and reprieve, many people were sympathetic to her cause including a welsh lawyer/ MP and
an English Judge. A Prison record also shows that she had six siblings in Wales, Davy,
Thomas, Hugh, Mary, Elizabeth and Margaret.

What happened to Hamen`s two siblings, Thomas and Matilda, in this sorry story, I have no
idea at all. Were they adopted, died or simply disappeared into the mass? A Matilda Cadby is
down as marrying an Alexander Cowie in the 1880`s but there were other Cadby`s also
living in Tasmania at that time, so I can`t qualify it. Both Hannah and John`s Convict
Records are on line, so I know that both received their Tickets of Leave, even though their
lives were hard and not very savoury at times. Whatever it is great to be able to say, That
poor little Orphan, Hamen Cadby, was not without a family, he was most probably part of

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